The Needle and I Quilt Shop and Sewing Centre
We are full for this year.

October 31st - November 2nd

Location is the Best Western Hotel on
Marshall Rd. in Abbotsford.

The cost of the retreat is $250.  This
covers the cost of the retreat portion
only, which includes Coffee, Lunch &
Dinner & the sewing room.  

The hotel portion is $99+taxes is per
room for 2 people and you could have
up to 4 people per room at an extra
cost.  The hotel provides your
breakfast in the breakfast room.  You
are responsible to book one of our
block of rooms by Sept 30th.  

You may wish to book your room
from Thursday night, so you can get
started first thing in the morning..  
You may choose to book your room
from Friday to Sunday only but still
be at the retreat for the full 3 days.  If
you don't wish to stay at the hotel
that is up to you, too. (breakfast will
not be included if not staying at the

Projects:  there will be a couple of
small projects but the retreat is there
for you to work on anything you want.